Can Myofunctional Therapy Be Done Remotely?

Can Myofunctional Therapy Be Done Remotely?

Posted by Sandraluz Gonzalez Apr 17, 2023

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Can Myofunctional Therapy be done remotely during COVID? The answer is “yes”! Many therapists are using teleconferencing, ZOOM or FaceTime to give their patients an alternative way to attend therapy.

Here are some tips to setting up tactile therapies:

Make sure that your patient understands the platform; Zoom, Skype etc. and the tech part of the online session such as Ethernet is better than WIFI and laptops or computers are easier for viewing than phones or tablets.

Touch base with the client prior to the call to make sure they have all the tools, chairs and set-up necessary for the session. 

Think about the best placement for the patient and parent/caregiver (if there is one). Should they sit side by side? Should they sit facing each another? Where will the tools be placed? How should the head be aligned? Older children and adults who are doing more elective tasks can face the screen.

Have a throat scope or flashlight on hand in case you need to show the patient or caregiver the inside of your mouth for a demonstration.

Have a full set of tools available to demonstrate all tasks in the session.

Plan for breaks during the session where both patient and therapist can stretch for one to two minutes. 

Don’t schedule sessions back to back. Therapists need breaks to eat and regroup for the next session. Allow time for disconnects on the internet. 

Explain to patients that background noise can be very disruptive so other siblings, dogs, phones etc. should be considered before the session begins.

Talk to the patient about scheduling sessions more frequently, but for shorter periods of time. This gives the therapist the opportunity to ensure the methods are being used correctly without adding extra time or expense to the client.

Children especially find online therapy reinforcing. Instead of the therapist, the parent is directly helping them with their goals. Make sure the parent or caregiver is aware of their role and its importance.

For many therapists, what was thought to be a temporary answer for their patients has turned into an important part of their practice. It can be done during inclement weather or if you need to be home with a sick child.

With myofunctional therapy, a patient can regain the joy of eating, speaking, breathing, and even sleeping more soundly. Cosmetic improvements can help restore confidence and self-esteem. Everyone deserves to be educated about myofunctional disorders and treated if they suffer from OMDs either inhouse or remotely. 

To learn more about myofunctional therapy call (505) 218-6565 to schedule an appointment in Albuquerque with Sandraluz. 

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