How to Adjust Unhealthy Breathing

How to Adjust Unhealthy Breathing

Posted by Sandraluz Gonzalez Aug 03, 2023

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Unhealthy breathing can present itself in a number of different ways. Possibly the biggest red flag to any myofunctional therapist though, is mouth breathing. Compared to nasal breathing, mouth breathing is so much worse that it’s one of the first questions asked of a patient walking into a myofunctional therapy office.

Last month, we talked a little about what differentiates nasal and mouth breathing. Today, we’re going to dive a little deeper, and take it a step further. Here you’ll find actionable steps to seek relief before meeting with a specialist such as Sandraluz Gonzalez.

First, some deeper knowledge. Your nose exists to manage breath intake. It is specially designed with a number of features that greatly distance it from the experience of unhealthy breathing through the mouth. Possibly the most important of which is the production of nitric oxide.

As you inhale through your nose, the nitric oxide does the job of assimilating carbon dioxide into your bloodstream. This is a necessary feature, as that carbon dioxide takes the place previously occupied by oxygen molecules, putting them to work where they’re needed in your body! With mouth-based, unhealthy breathing habits, you are simply working with less oxygen.

To reverse these habits, you need to re-train your breathing systems. An effective method is Buteyko Breathing, which has shown in clinical trials to improve the quality of life in asthma patients. The Buteyko method is made of several exercises that can be performed to shift from unhealthy breathing to healthy (and healthful) nasal breathing.

For a crash course, check out this video of renowned Buteyko breathing expert Patrick McKeown, who will walk you through a small experience of this shift. Even this small change can increase your quality of life. From here, it is beneficial to see a myofunctional therapist to ensure the introduction of healthy habits.

Book your appointment now with local expert Sandraluz Gonzalez, who has studied with Patrick McKeown herself! Easier breathing is just around the corner.

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