What is a “Hidden” Tongue Tie

What is a “Hidden” Tongue Tie

Posted by Sandraluz Gonzalez Jul 17, 2023

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What is a “hidden” or what the health industry refers to as a posterior tongue tie? A posterior tongue tie is when the band of tissue causing the tongue tie is toward the back of the mouth and further under the tongue.

Anterior tongue ties, which are more common and easier to diagnose, are in the front of the mouth near the gumline but a posterior tongue tie is deeper in the mouth and can be hidden by mucous membranes. This makes it harder to identify and why doctors refer to it as a “hidden” tongue tie.

In fact, some cases may not be visible at all, even when the whole tongue is lifted, and the entire lingual frenulum is visible.

Signs of a Hidden Tongue Tie

If you suspect you or your child has a posterior tongue tie, set up a consultation with a dentist who specializes in tethered oral tissues. A dentist can give you a conclusive diagnosis to ensure that you or your child gets the best treatment to correct the tongue tie.

Here is a List of Possible Symptoms:

  • Difficulty breastfeeding
  • Speech impairment
  • Excessive drooling
  • A square, heart-shaped, or indented tongue shape the tongue is stuck out
  • Messy eating
  • An open bite
  • Colic
  • Over-use of the lips
  • Swallowing

How Do You Treat a Tongue Tie?

Typically, a non-evasive surgery is required to correct the tongue tie, then Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy can be incorporated into the rehabilitation process.

It is painless and the exercises are easy to perform.

When certain muscles of the face are activated and functioning properly, other muscles will follow suit until proper coordination of the tongue and facial muscles is attained.

For success in this therapy, consistent exercise every day is necessary until the patient has corrected their improper muscle pattern. It also takes commitment by the patient, family, and time.

Treatment usually consists of a regular program of exercises over a 6 – 12-month period, although treatment length may vary.

Come in for a consultation today! 

For more information on hidden tongue ties, call Southwest Myofascial Therapy at (505) 218-6565.

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