You Need To Stop Mouth Breathing

You Need To Stop Mouth Breathing

Posted by Sandraluz Gonzalez Jul 26, 2023

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Mouth Breathing Hurts Your Orofacial Health

Last month we discussed the importance of deep breathing. In that, we touched on the need for nasal breathing rather than mouth breathing, and that’s a necessary point! We’ll expand on that here, as mouth breathing is a habit that NEEDS to be broken.

First, do you know about nasal nitric oxide? Nitric oxide is a molecule released in your nasal passages as air passes through. Very basically, this compound follows the air to your lungs, aiding the bond between oxygen and red blood cells as well as regulating blood pressure. These effects, however, don’t just exist in a vacuum!

In our bodies, these effects of nitric oxide serve to battle inflammation and pathogens (such as viruses, parasites, etc) and deliver signals to all manner of body processes. This keeps your body playing nice with itself, and staying protected where it needs!

The nasal passages have been evolutionally optimized for air intake. The nose actively moisturizes air as it passes into your body. It also brings the air to body temperature, facilitating an easier exchange of gases in the lungs. Debris is filtered out by nostril hairs and your natural mucus, protecting your body from irritants and pathogens. We are even benefitted long-term by the proper development of nasal passages and opening up of the midface!

The more we breathe the way our body is made to, the more our body sets up to do so easier and more effectively. And, the healthier we are overall! There are so many factors to raising your orofacial health, and breaking a mouth breathing habit is only one. Keep checking back for more tips from this blog!

As always, if you feel like our blogs are speaking to you, make an appointment with Sandraluz to get checked out ASAP! Orofacial health could be the gateway to your healthier future.

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