Southwest Myofunctional Therapy

Taylor G.

I love everyone at this office! If you or your child is experiencing any TMJ issues, especially if you’re in orthodontics they can help! They also stay up to date on all of the latest and greatest treatment for airway disorders! Check them out! 20 out of 10! I can’t recommend this team of professionals enough!

Brooke S.

I love how simple the process has been, my kids are excited to do their exercises! Sandraluz does an amazing job at informing me along the way - why the treatment plan is the way it is and what the expectations are. I highly recommend her practice to anyone looking for a solution for Myofunctional disorders.

Alyssa M.

I took my 2 month old to see Sandraluz today after a lip and tongue tie revision. I was blown away by the wealth of knowledge. Sandraluz took time to explain why myofunctional therapy is important as my baby grows. I highly recommend southwest myofunctional therapy.


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